History Teacher Has “a bit of a secret agenda”, meet Damon and Stefan’s father, Giuseppe!

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November 21, 2009

Here are the latest Vampire Diaries spoilers from Kristin Dos Santos!

  • Elena and Damon are going on a road trip pretty soon, so it doesn’t look like he really ran away for good.
  • Brace yourselves for another flashback, because in episode 12, we’re going to meet Damon and Stefan’s father, Giuseppe!

Giuseppe is described as a handsome, no-nonsense businessman of Italian heritage who in his mid-40s, “with a stern demeanor that hides a fierce devotion to his family and growing fears for their future.” Got any dream casting? For some reason all we can think of right now is Joey Tribbiani.

  • The new history teacher, Matt Davis, is in town because he has “a bit of a secret agenda,” and Matt and Caroline’s relationship continues to grow. “We’ll also get to learn more about the town. We will stay focused on our leads and our central epic love story,” says Kevin. “But the show does expand.”