Freshly Tweeted; End Of Season Spoiler Round-up With Julie Plec

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March 30, 2011

Executive producer Julie Plec had some free time Monday while waiting on a notes call and decided to tweet some end of season spoilers to The Vampire Diaries fandom. She answered
fan questions and threw in a few spoilery side dishes for good measure.

  • One more flashback, yes folks, we will see Flashback Falls again in season 2 and Trevor(Rose’s friend) will be there.
  • Isobel’s true motives remain unseen, hummmmm.
  • In next Thursday’s episode, “Know Thy Enemy”, Damon and Elena find a new secret weapon; Delena scenes!
  • The grim reaper will visit Mystic Falls again and there will be a few, if not several deaths…imagine ;)
  • Caroline is probably safe for this season. Julie says, “Caroline having chemistry with everybody has been the best surprise to us as writers. Makes it easy to find story.” So, hopefully Caroline will not be one of the casualties mentioned above.
  • Everyone is banning together to save Elena, but Bonnie will face the most danger.
  • When we meet Luka’s sister, Greta, know that she’s one bad witch.
  • Anxious fans will finally meet the baddest of the bad, Klaus, in the April 21st episode.
  • The Vampire Diaries wraps filming April 15th and returns to filming in July. There’s no official word from the CW yet, but it’s safe to say TVD will return for a third season.
  • Rexx

    Bonnie in the most danger?? NOOOO!!!!
    Hopefully shes not one of the main character that will die.

  • Resh Wan

    Oh no pls not bonnie, poor jeremy!! No she can’t die!!

  • All_Hail_Hurley

    Yes! Please let it be Bonnie that dies! And I’m excited for the Damon/Elena scenes.

  • Tk A

    and ofcourse the black girl dies…im suprised she didnt die earlier. If bonnie dies then im don with TVD…

  • Natasha

    Be calm fellow TVD fanatics ;). I think Bonnie is safe, for now. If a main character does die, my guess is Tyler~Michael Trevino. There are 20 or so characters that we know in Mystic Falls right now. That leaves a lot of options for death. Thanks for posting and keep speculating!

  • Anonymous

    i think alaric is gone…think how little he’s been in it this season, his death could also be a nice meaty launching pad for jenna to dramatically discover the supernatural world.

  • Anonymous

    her being black has nothing to do with whether her character gets killed or not. nothing. if the writers/audiences were THAT racist, why would they choose to make a major character black?

  • Cyber-X

    i agree all the way with Rexx here on Bonnies oh no, no damnd way

  • Cyber-X

    NOOOO!!! Bonnie she can,t die cus she is this best friend of Elenas and Caroline so she is immposible to her to die NO DAMND Wayyyy!!!!!!

  • Cyber-X

    unless of course ur joking about bonnies all_hail_hurley cus we dont want to gett bonnies die cus we are the fans of bonnies and ofcourse bonnies has a boyfriend ans also a the best group ever staring with Matt Caroline and Elena so bit it kidd