Fresh ‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Cassidy Freeman Teases A ‘Big Surprise’

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March 29, 2012

I have some more spoilery goodness to share about tonight’s all new Vampire Diaries episode, “Murder Of One”. Cassidy Freeman teases Sage’s big surprise and reuniting with her love, Finn.

“Sage has a big surprise coming,” the actress teased of events ahead on “The Murder of One.” “And it’s definitely life-changing.”

In tonight’s episode, Sage will be coming face to face with Finn for the first time in 900 years.

“Imagine your brother’s high school girlfriend,” Freeman explained. “Except it’s not high school. You’re a vampire and you live forever. To Klaus and Rebekah, Sage isn’t good enough to be with Finn. They’re full of animosity, there’s a lack of respect all around. She’s 900 years old. She accepts that this is the way it is. She doesn’t think anything is gonna change any time soon, so her M.O. is to have a really good time, to live life to the fullest.”

Special thanks to Jackie Adams for the heads up :)
Source: TV Fanatic