Fresh Season 3 Spoilers With 'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec

Fresh Season 3 Spoilers With 'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec

TV Line got some serious Vampire Diaries scoop from EP Julie Plec. Plec spoils about Ripper Stefan's many layers, the chapters of season 3, Delena, Alaric's surprising new role and the Originals.

The first chapter of Season 3 is really being driven by, Where’s Stefan? Is he OK? Is he keeping his humanity together? Can he be rescued from Klaus? Does he want to be rescued from Klaus? And ultimately, Stefan and Klaus’ journey as road partners, so to speak, as they set out on Klaus’ goal to create more hybrids like himself. That’s a lot of what’s going on with our heroes. But in the backdrop of that, of course, is the ghost story that ultimately finds its way into the Klaus story and everything starts to intersect. By the end of the first chapter, we understand how all of this connects and where we’re heading into the next portion of the season.

A lot of Elena’s journey is, “OK, I’m a grown up. I can handle it. We’ve been through this before. We’ve seen it. I’ve seen him at his worst.” A lot of her journey is recognizing that maybe what she’s seen is just one piece of a very painful and complicated character puzzle.

Alaric is unimpressed, I’ll tell you that. [Laughs] He is not impressed, and he’s not particularly interested in keeping quiet about it either. There’s definitely some tension in the Alaric/Damon bromance. There’s not an easy band-aid to it. These guys have a great connection as inexplicable unlikely friends, and it’s so fun to see them getting along. But Alaric’s a man who’s been tasked with keeping an eye out for this young woman, and he’s not going to stand by without saying something if he feels like something inappropriate is going on.

I can say that exploring the origin tale of the Originals – that’s a mouthful – is very much a part of our plan beginning at our close of the first chapter. We do very much want to dive into that world of what life was like a 1,000 years ago before vampires existed.

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