Forwood Will Be Front And Center For Season 3 Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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July 13, 2011

The Vampire Diaries EP’s Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec had a spoilery sit down with EW and dished on what’s to come in Season 3 for Tyler and Caroline. The two ended season 2 very close and very single, which leaves a romantic development wide open.

“There relationship is building to be a fun, romantic Romeo and Juliet. We now have a mother who knows her daughter’s a vampire, and we might soon have a mayor who figures out that her son is a werewolf,” Williamson says. “When that happens, it’s certainly building itself to a family feud. That’s the fun Mystic Falls storyline that’s underplaying throughout the entire season.” Adds EP Julie Plec, “When their mothers find out the truth about each of them, they’re gonna have a say in whether the two of them should be together. There’s always going to be push and pull in their friendship as it travels down a romantic road. There’s gonna be people who don’t want them together, including themselves. It’s that forbidden love: we can’t quite stay away from each other, and yet, we shouldn’t be together. And the question will be at what point will they act on that and how will that go?”

  • Pod1990

    i so want caroline and tyler to get together they are so cute.

  • ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a question…
    Why didn’t Jeremy die on episode 22?
    The last episode when he was shot?
    I didn’t get it when Bonnie said that the ring wont work on him…
    Can someone answer me PLEASE!!
    Btw CANT WAIT TO SEASON 3!!!! :D

  • Pasqy

    jeremy got shot by sheriff forbes and the ring didnt work because it only protects you from supernatural powers not humans….anddddd he came back to life because bonnie did a spell on him :)

  • Violinmaestro

    Which is why Vickie and Anna have come back “haunting” Jeremy – I think they have a message/warning for him.

  • Natasha

    Jeremy’s ring didn’t work because Sheriff Forbes shot him and the ring only protects him from a supernatural death. Bonnie preformed a spell to bring him back to life and the consequences of that spell are Vicki and Anna haunting Jeremy. Thanks for posting :)!!


    OOHH!!… Thank you for your answer!!! <33

  • Makaylaeberhart1864

    this is what i dont in season 2  the last on called lay or die something like that jeremys two ex gf came back to life  

  • Makaylaeberhart1864

    which season