First Look At Sage And Damon In ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 16, “1912″

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February 14, 2012

TV Guide has given us our first look at the March 15th episode of The Vampire Diaries, “1912″. The image features Ian Somerhalder~ Damon and TVD newcomer, Cassidy Freeman~Sage. The lovely Freeman has a few tasty spoilers to pass along about her character Sage.

A flashback to 1912 -

Freeman plays Sage, a bloodsucker with ties to the Originals, as well as Damon. “She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it,” says Freeman, who says it “has been a dream to play a vampire” and that she was “jumping for joy” when she got the part. Sage will also resurface in modern-day Mystic Falls with a murky agenda. “She comes back for good reasons, but she is [out] for herself.”

  • Delena<3

    1912… Ah! Titanic!

  • Karenina

    Maybe Sage will have a share in preventing the demise of the Original siblings?! I’m really anxious, I don’t want them to die!!

  • Delena


  • guest

    Oh, my Gosh! I never thought about that before! That’ll be interesting.

  • Laaur

    I’m actually fascinated by this turn of events, and I think this episode is going to be great! I missed the old Damon, he’s been such a wuss lately that I’ve been almost starting to dislike him… But I think this just might save him from that! When I heard the name Sage, I was like, Sage, Sage… I’ve heard that name somewhere… He’sin the books too! The only thing that’s kind of bothering me, is that in the books (yeah I know completely different thing BUT…) Sage is a man! And a gay apparently. Or then he was some kind of “god”, who usually aren’t individuals of certain sex/gender . So the fact that he’s been made woman and a love interest for Damon is… peculiar thought. I’m ready to watch how it goes though!

  • Laaur

    Oh, and the comment below may be categorize as a SPOILER. For the books at least