Final Two Originals, Finn & Kol, Have Been Cast

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December 10, 2011

The Vampire Diaries has cast, by my count, the final two members of the original family with British actor Caspar Zafer and Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic. Zafer will take the role of Finn and Buzolic will play Kol. The two new Originals will first appear via flashbacks in the 13th episode of the season, currently slated to air January 26.

Source: TV Guide

  • Riss

    we are still missing one, the original mother bore 7 children.. these two characters only make 6…

  • Notasheep7

    Yeah, but one died of the great plague in Europe before they emigrated to the (then-unknown) New World.

  • derman

    no i don’t agree with you stefan has 4 coffins except rebekah so it’s elijah,finn,kol and missing one.? am curious about that!