Season 1 Episode 7 Haunted

Vampire Diaries Episode 7: Spoilers and Photo

Vampire Diaries Episode 7: Spoilers and Photo

On the October 29th CW will air Vampire Diaries Halloween episode, “Haunted” ( episode 7 ).You can read spoilers and see the photo from that episode below.

On Oct. 22, CW will repeat "Night Of The Comet " episode ( Season 1, Episode 2 ). But don't worry, new episode will air on Oct. 8 and 15.

Vampire Diaries Episode 7 " Haunted " Spoilers

vampire-episode-7With all those bleeding necks on The Vampire Diaries, it’s about time Mystic Falls found a good nurse. Unfortunately, this RN is Elena (Nina Dobrev) dressed up for the October 29 Halloween episode. “There are people dressing up like vampires all around town, which is confusing. Something happens that requires the Salvatore brothers to work together to cover their tracks.”

Playing nurse in a haunted house, Elena will end up drenched in her blood and the blood of someone else. “What happens is pretty enormous,” adds coexec producer Julie Plec. “It’s our biggest thing so far. Everything that we’ve been building to with one specific character comes to a head and ultimately changes all the sibling relationships forever.”

On a lighter note, Nina and her costars might go trick-or-treating in Atlanta as the Octo-Mom and her eight kids. Nadya Suleman’s scarier than Count Dracula any day!

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