” Lost Girls ” Spoilers About Alaric ( Episode 6 )

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October 8, 2009

Some really exciting spoilers for the Vampire Diaries episode 6 titled as ‘ Lost Girls ‘: This is indeed the episode that introduces Alaric. He’s a “smart, intellectual, and strong” teacher who’s described as a “handsome charmer.” ( In the books, he’s a younger hot history teacher who knows about vampires, supernatural etc. ) In one scene he quizzes the class on a historic event and calls on “Ms. Gilbert.” (Elena) Stefan answers instead, and Alaric cheekily calls HIM “Ms. Gilbert.” He then spars back and forth with Stefan, naming historical events and having Stefan tell him when they occurred… Pearl Harbor, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roe v. Wade, and the Korean War, among other things. When Alaric feels he has stumped Stefan on something (the date of the end of the Korean War), and Stefan questions him, he encourages the class to look it up… and it turns out Stefan is right. The class applauds. Later, Alaric goes to the bar at the Lockwood Mansion and sees Jenna. He tells her “Don’t shoot. I only need a refill,” and Jenna tells him that “shooting implies caring.” He then apologizes and offers sympathy for what happened to her sister (Elena’s mother), and says he thought he could have a chance to make things right. Jenna is tempted, and then brings up the name of someone named “Monica” whom we can only assume is someone Alaric had cheated with. Update: Those Alaric spoilers are bogus – they’re scenes for Logan Fell and Mr. Tanner that were re-used for casting sides for Alaric because his part hadn’t been written at that point. ( thanks to Red from Vampire-Diaries.net )