Season 1 Episode 22 Founder's Day

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Spoilers

The good news is that Alaric isn't going to die in the season finale. The bad news is, someone's still going to die. (For those of you keeping track, that means at least one of Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, Jenna, and Jeremy is going to bite it. And not by being turned into a vampire: this is full on DEATH. The second death everyone's talking about is more likely a secondary character, like Anna or Pearl.)

Jack in Rhode Island: I think Matt Davis is awesome on The Vampire Diaries. They aren't going to kill him off, are they?
Thanks to Alaric's fancy lifesaving ring (take that, Damon!), and the producers feeling the same as you, I'm told that Matt is sticking around. No plans to off him.

Wallace in Miami: How about some news on Damon on TVD? I'm kind of wanting him to go back to being evil. Will his good side stick around long?
I'm told he'll always be in a gray area, between good and evil. And hello, he has done plenty of evil things as of late, including slaughtering (he thought) Alaric and snapping his kindly neighbor woman's neck! If you don't think that's evil, I hope you don't live on my street.

Penny in Tuscon, Ariz.:  I love that Jeremy's not in the dark on The Vampire Diaries anymore. What's ahead for him?
Jeremy and vampire Anna will find their way back to each other, even though she bailed when she learned about the whole Vicki situation. Sadly for J, his relationship with this little lady doesn't end up much better than the latter.

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