Season 1 Episode 22 Founder's Day

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Here it comes, folks: death, destruction, and chaos. Along with bonus fireworks.

1) Trailer: There's a lot of telling going on in this preview. Damon tells Stefan that he's going to steal his girl.  The sheriff tells someone off (anyone recognize the back of his head?) for wanting to use the town as bait. Anna tells Damon that when the fireworks start, bad things are going to go down. Damon tells Alaric that they might need a stake or two. Bonnie tells Elena, creepily, that she knows who she is, now. Jeremy tells Elena to go to hell.

Now comes the action: the sheriff gets clunked in the back of the head; Caroline lies in the middle of the road; Stefan runs like crazy; Jeremy stares into the mirror; Anna suggests turning him; a car crashes; Damon clutches his head in agony; Elena runs; Elena screams; there's fire; lots of fire; and the Salvatore brothers are involved.

Watch it for yourself and try not to die a little inside as you remember that Thursday is still five nights away.

2) Sneak Peek #1: Damon flirts with Elena to the point where she has to point it out. "Don't make me regret being your friend." She instructs him not to do that "eye-thing" with her anymore, and they promptly engage in it before she walks away. It's hot. In other news, when she sweetly apologizes to Jeremy, he tells her to go to hell. Oh brother.

3) Sneak Peek #2: Damon mocks Jeremy's teenage emotional stage, and tells him not to talk to his sister that way, ever again. (See Sneak Peek #1 for details.) Jeremy doesn't back down before Damon's intensity, and Stefan has to intervene.

Two things.

First, the obvious question of who is going to die. My first thought when they said it was an older and a younger character with interlacing storylines was Caroline and her mother, and the trailer seems to reinforce that theory. But is the CW really foolish enough to spoil the deaths within the season finale trailer? That would be a dumb, dumb move.

Another option is Jeremy and Uncle John, reinforced by Anna's comment about turning Jeremy. But I don't think that they'd kill off Uncle John so quickly as they haven't dealt with his status as Elena's father, and he hasn't got any 'lovin' in yet, which they said he would have. Also, Jeremy's death wouldn't be completely unexpected - he is so unhappy.

Are there any other options that you can think of? Remember: a series regular is going to die. Anna and Uncle John aren't series regulars. So if one or both die, one of our main characters is going to die as well.

Second, how far are they going to take the Damon/Elena relationship? From Sneak Peek #1, it seems that while Damon is head over heels, and Elena's at minimum attracted, she is still firmly on Team Stefan. I can't see that changing over the course of a single episode. Although TVD plows through storylines like a locomotive, so far they've been taking this one pretty slow. I was hoping for one little Delena smooch this season, but I have a feeling we will be denied that small pleasure.

Your thoughts? Please!