Season 1 Episode 22 Founder's Day

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Promo Pics & Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day": Promo Pics & Spoilers

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but these pictures leave me wanting more. Bonnie and Damon chatting it up (in anger)... Jeremy with the Salvatore brothers (in anger)... Elena, hand in hand with her boyfriend's brother (hmm, in anger?)... Do tell. Really, please tell.

And thanks to a Fancast spoiler, there's a word picture to burn in our minds:

The very last face you will see before the screen fades to black belongs to… Elena. Will she be screaming in agony as she is buried alive? Laughing at a good joke? Overcome with ecstasy as she couples with Damon? This, we do not know.

Honestly, was there no better way to word that second last sentence? They're not farm animals.

So what's your take? There's a lot of conversation going on in the above photos. What are they talking about? And what emotion will we see written on Elena's face in the final scene of the season finale?