Season 1 Episode 21 Isobel

Vampire Diaries Episode 21 "Isobel": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Vampire Diaries Episode 21 "Isobel": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Did you think Kelly Donovan was the worst mother to ever hit Mystic Falls? Wait until you meet ELENA'S mom. Or, should I say, wait until Elena meets her.

1) Trailer: Damon thinks this is going in an interesting direction and so do I... because although I wasn't a big fan of Mia Kirshner's boring flashback Isobel, present day Isobel is choking Alaric, making out with Damon, elbowing Uncle John in this face, and meeting her daughter. And we have no idea what her motive is.

2) Sneak Peek #1: This is why Bonnie is eventually going to make up with Elena - because you can't be best friends with someone you can't talk about everything with (aka, Caroline). And this is why Elena is eventually going to make out with Damon - because you can't force that hot, hot, hot chemistry with someone you just don't have it with (aka, Stefan). [Note to Team Stefan... oh Elena and Stefan do have chemistry and likely will end up together. HOWEVER. Right now, Damon and Elena are on fire.]

3) Sneak Peek #2: A little more for Team Damon and a big one for Team Stefan... as Stefan uses his super vampire hearing to exchange cute I love you's with a nervous Elena. Why is she nervous? She's meeting the 'baddest mother in Mystic Falls'.

What does Isobel really want?

Spoiler Source: The CW