Season 1 Episode 21 Isobel

Vampire Diaries Episode 21 "Isobel": Synopsis

Vampire Diaries Episode 21 "Isobel": Synopsis

Elena finally meets her mother, but Isobel doesn't seem worthy of her lovely daughter. Luckily, Elena has plenty of friends to help her deal. Isobel, on the other hand, has plenty of enemies.

ISOBEL RETURNS TO MYSTIC FALLS – Isobel (guest star Mia Kirshner) returns to town and stuns Alaric (Matt Davis) with her attitude and her demands that he arrange a meeting with Elena (Nina Dobrev.) When mother and daughter finally meet, Isobel refuses to answer most of Elena’s questions, but reveals that she will stop at nothing to find the mysterious invention Johnathan Gilbert has been searching for. Isobel’s dangerous actions lead Stefan (Paul Wesley), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) to step in and help Elena deal with the situation.Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Zach Roerig and Michael Trevino also star. J Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Caroline Dries & Brian Young.

What's this  mysterious invention? And how is Alaric going to react to his so-called-dead wife coming back with a 'tude?

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