Season 1 Episode 20 Blood Brothers

Vampire Diaries Episode 20 "Blood Brothers": Preview & Sneak Peeks

Vampire Diaries Episode 20 "Blood Brothers": Preview & Sneak Peeks

While Elena struggles with the fact that she locked her boyfriend in a dungeon to starve, Damon tells her the story of how they were turned. And, of course, Team Damon gets lots of delicious Damon/Elena moments, but Team Stefan can rest assured in Elena's seemingly unwavering devotion.

1) Trailer: Human blood does crazy things to Stefan (that we know, since his explosion in "Miss Mystic Falls". But how did he react at first taste?

2) Sneak Peek #1: In Flashback Falls, Stefan and Damon team up to save Katherine, as Jonathan Gilbert stalks around with his little compass.

3) Sneak Peek #2: Damon tells Elena she's a complete nuisance and they both know he means nothing of the kind. Spark spark sparks.

Everyone knows that The Vampire Diaries is moving slowly toward a Damon/Elena climax, but everyone also knows that The Vampire Diaries doesn't do slow when it comes to plotlines. So I have a feeling that one of the nine 'ohmigosh' moments in the season finale is going to have SOMETHING to do with this chemistry-laden pair.

What do you think? When the curtain closes on this first - spectacular - season, will Elena be Team Stefan, Team Damon or... Team Elena?