Season 1 Episode 18 Under Control

Vampire Diaries Episode 18 "Under Control": Synopsis

Vampire Diaries Episode 18 "Under Control": Synopsis

[caption id="attachment_8580" align="alignright" width="197" caption="Sark, otherwise known as Mr. John Gilbert"][/caption]

Stefan parties. Alaric and Elena bond over their dead wife and mother, respectively. Damon's involved with something ugly. But all that really matters is that Sark is the new bad guy in Mystic Falls.

DAVID ANDERS (“24”) GUEST STARS AS ELENA’S UNCLE JOHN GILBERT — While Stefan struggles to control his new situation, Elena and Jeremy are surprised by a visit from their uncle, John Gilbert. Alaric has an awkward talk with Elena about Isobel. At a Founder’s Day event, Stefan displays a rare party attitude and Damon’s attempt to find out why Uncle John has returned to town takes an ugly turn. An incident at the party causes trouble between Matt and Tyler, and the relationship between Matt and his mother, Kelly, reaches a new low. Meanwhile, Elena’s effort to comfort Jeremy falls short and he decides to take matters into his own hands.

So Tyler's back. Too bad I never missed him. In other news, why is Elena comforting Jeremy, and how exactly does he take matters into his own hands? That sounds dangerous.Also under the 'danger' category is Stefan partying. Now that's so bad... it's good.

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