Vampire Diaries Episode 16 Spoilers “There Goes the Neighborhood”: Trailer & Sneak Peeks

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March 31, 2010

There Goes the Neighborhood… and we’re following with bated breath. Double dates & eye gouging? Yeah, we’re there. If it’s to do with The Vampire Diaries, that is!

1) Trailer: In Mystic Falls, a nice evening out with friends never turns out to be a nice evening out with friends.

2) Sneak Peek #1: Caroline decides the best cure for awkwardness is to create an even more awkward situation.

3) Sneak Peek #2: Pearl informs Damon of her own diabolical plan, and for once he’s not on board with the diabolical… until she offers him Katherine.

Are you on board with the diabolical plan storyline ? Or are you more interested in the ‘fun’ double date scenario ?