Season 1 Episode 14 Fool Me Once

The Vampire Diaries Episode 14 Spoilers: Lucy Bennett

The Vampire Diaries Episode 14 Spoilers: Lucy Bennett

We've just got some casting spoilers on recurring guest star Lucy Bennett PLUS some storyline spoilers from casting sides:

Lucy is a beautiful, early 20-year-old cousin of Bonnie's from out of town. She's an African-American college student (Virginia Tech) who is wicked smart and more than happy to let you know it.

At first, Lucy can come across as crass and in-your-face. But look deeper and you'll see a wounded soul; a little girl who's never really belonged - which makes her very guarded and somewhat mysterious. Could it be because she has a really big secret which is weighing on her?

And, one last thing - she's HOT! (And not above using her looks to her advantage. Men beware.)

Sounds like Lucy and Bonnie have a Damon-Stefan like relationship. And is Lucy really not a witch? Only time will tell.