Season 1 Episode 13 Children Of The Damned

Vampire Diaries Episode 13 "Children of the Damned": Damon Vs. Stefan Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Episode 13 "Children of the Damned": Damon Vs. Stefan Spoilers

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We haven't had any huge Vampire Diaries spoilers for a while, but here is one that will knock you out of the park: read on, oh spoiler loving reader, for what really happened between Stefan and Damon. And trust me, you will be surprised.

This week's The Vampire Diaries reveals one of the biggest secrets of all: What actually happened to make Damon and Stefan hate each other? "We get to see the incident that drove them apart for the first time," says show runner Julie Plec...

The incident that tore Damon and Stefan apart involves their mutual love of a certain Elena look-alike vampire. Turns out, Stefan might inadvertently be the reason Katherine was locked up in the tomb, hence Damon's desire to free her, and his unexplained hatred of his little bro.

I'm beginning to think that of the two, Stefan might actually be more dangerous. Sure, he doesn't drink human blood, or wander around recklessly slaying like Damon, but his very lack of recklessness, his natural ability to lie (both to his brother and his girlfriend) and the way he shoved that stake into Noah's heart last week all add up to coldblooded killer.

Now, if the producers are letting this crazy plot twist slip... what on earth could be waiting for us in Children of the Damned?

Consider yourself spoiled.

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