'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec Spoils "Heart Of Darkness"

'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec Spoils "Heart Of Darkness"

The Vampire Diaires EP Julie Plec spoiled to EW about next week's big return episode, "Heart of Darkness". Plec teases a 'great final push' that will both shock and please.

“We really wanted to turn the tables on the audience and redirect the stakes — literal and figurative — back onto our heroes and have them realize we’ve been trying to kill Klaus for so long, now there’s a possibility that he can never die without us dying along with him.”

April 19 ~ “Heart of Darkness”

“We have a very passionate fandom that has very passionate opinions about things like whether Elena should be with Stefan or with Damon,” Plec says. “With Stefan’s encouragement, Elena is trying to understand and explore this relationship that she’s developed with Damon. There is some series-wide epicness that goes down in this episode, for sure. We don’t tend to go on the road very often, and we’ve got Damon and Elena in a motel." she goes on to reveal, “It’s a dive motel by our production office that we called Crack Alley. It’s a very dingy, disgusting exterior, and Dave Perkal and Chris Grismer, who directed the episode, worked together to make it sexy and interesting and visual in spite of the complications of the location itself.”


“Yes. There is a lot of steam in this episode [Tyler & Caroline], and a lot of shirtlessness,” Plec says. “As I said at the Paley event when somebody asked me about romance, this whole season has been so sad. Everybody’s broken up, all these love affairs are unfulfilled, and there’s lots of despair and depression and tragedy. We kick a little romance back into high gear with the return of the show next week.”


“Basically, Good Alaric is trying to be very cooperative and help our heroes find the stake that Evilaric or Alaric Hyde, your choice, has hidden. Unfortunately, they can’t quite figure out how to get Alaric Hyde to come out and spill his secrets, so Stefan is a predicament wherein he might have to go to some really violent extremes to get it out of Alaric — just as Stefan, of course, is trying so hard to really pull himself together and get control over his own dark side. So there’s a little bit of a kindred spirit thing happening between Alaric and Stefan in this episode as they both explore the depths of their individual darker sides,” Plec elaborates, “Honestly, it’s almost like a change of pace. They’re stuck in the basement of the Salvatore house in the cell, and Chris Grismer was like, ‘How am I gonna direct nine pages of dialogue in this single room?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, but figure it out because it’s gonna be awesome,’” she laughs. “He decided you know what, I’m gonna pretend I’m shooting in a U-boat submarine, and just let the actors do their thing. And it’s really good stuff. I’m really happy with it.”


“Poor Rebekah’s plight in life is that every time that she’s enjoying a little taste of being more human than monster, something terrible happens. This episode is no exception to that rule,” Plec says. “We’ll get to see a nice, sweet moment that happens between Matt and Rebekah early in the episode, and then things will start to take a turn for the worst for our poor girl who just can’t seem to find her way to the Decade Dance.”