'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec Spoils Final 2 Episodes, "Before Sunset" & "The Departed"

'The Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec Spoils Final 2 Episodes, "Before Sunset" & "The Departed"

I've already spoiled some major goodness for next week's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Heart Of Darkness", and the April 26th epicsode, "Do Not Go Gentle". Now, I'm happy to reveal Executive Producer Juile Plec's spoilery preview for the final two episode's of season 3, "Before Sunset" and "The Departed". Harrowing circumstances mound May 3rd and Elena makes a decision in the emotionally charged season 3 finale!
May 3rd ~ “Before Sunset”
Undefined Enemy

“Things get pretty harrowing as we get to the end of the season. We’ve got Klaus [whose plan is to leave town with Elena, whose blood he needs to make more hybrids] stepping up his game and returning to a more villainous place. We’ve got our heroes in dire straits. We’ve got Elena in the center of it all, as usual. We’ve got basically everybody stepping into battle because the enemy, who I can’t define for you at this moment because the April 19 episode tees it all up, is taking some pretty relentless and hardcore extremes against our heroes.”

May 10th ~ “The Departed”
Elena's Decision

“It will not be easy. It will be very emotional for both sides because it’s going to be a very honest, very pure, very difficult decision. Hopefully if we’ve done our jobs right with Elena’s character over the season, we’ll understand why she’s making the decision that she’s making and how that decision is meant to be right for where she is in her life right now. I cried many, many times. I haven’t seen it yet. I have no idea if that ended up on the screen. I don’t want to brag,” she laughs. “But it was a very, very emotional experience writing the finale, for a lot of reasons, one of which has already been talked about in the press. We do flashback to a time when Elena’s parents were still alive and when she was a cheerleader dating Matt, the football player, and before Bonnie knew she was a witch and thought she was just uncannily psychically available to predict fashion trends. It’s just a really poignant, sweet and bittersweet reflection back to a time when life was so much simpler for all of our humans and former humans. I hope it turns out as well as we want it to because it’s a really special episode.”

Source: EW