Elijah’s Return Confirmed, Plus A New Gilbert Heads To Mystic Falls

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January 9, 2012

Two days ago, The Vampire Diaires star Ian Somerhalder made a Twitvid revealing that the more honorable original, Elijah~Daniel Gillies, will be returning in early spring. The short on-set video titled, “‘The Vampire Diaries’ boys”, featured Ian’s chair, plus those belonging to co-stars Joseph Morgan, Matt Davis, Paul Wesley and lastly Daniel Gillies. I guess we need to restart our ‘Elijah for Mayor’ campaign again…Whatcha think?!?!

I also have some fabulous casting news to spoil on the Gilbert front. A new character named Samantha Gilbert will be appearing in Mystic Falls soon. The casting has just begun, but Samantha is said to be a smart, beautiful brunette around 25. She’ll be sweet as they come, with a devilish side to her and will first appear in episode 16.

  • GinaLcoVd

    who is ernesto riley??? I google it and i see Alaric but Alaric’s real name is Matt Davis!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    Ernesto Riley is Matt Davis’ twitter handle and all around alter ego, like an alias :) Thanks for posting!!!


    Ernesto Riley IS Matt Davis. It’s kinda like his nickname or something.
    And it’s his twitter name.
    In a interview he said:

    “Ernesto Riley came to me in a dream, he’s the truth,
    he’s all things and he is nothing. He is all the things I am not. He’s my mysterious doppelganger.”

    So technically Ernesto Riley doesn’t exist. Hope you got enough info. ;)

  • Bonnie

    So basically she’s going to be exactly like Elena…. AWESOME! -.- 

  • Lena

    Haha, they used Ernesto Riley for his chair, awesome :P

  • http://twitter.com/sg1grl megan Shea

    Ian said that it was an old clip that he just posted on his twitter… so this does not mean that Elijah is coming back yet…

  • Lu

    Elijah is not coming back =( Ian said is a old video, season two video.

  • Happyvamp

    I want some Elijah and Katherine scenes already!