'The Vampire Diaries' Elijah Reveals His Love For Elena

'The Vampire Diaries' Elijah Reveals His Love For Elena

The Vampire Diaries Daniel Gillies spoiled to the Insider about his character's recent return to Mystic Falls. Gillies reveals Elijah's love for Elena, plus his ideal endgame for the Originals.

"I think Elijah came to town thinking he'd deal with all this doppelganger business quickly and be done with it. But things got complicated when he saw this girl – I think Elijah fell for Elena harder than he ever fell for Katerina. In my opinion." Gillies goes on to spoil, "I know it's a little obvious in the world of Vampire Diaries, where everyone falls in love with Elena, but I agree that Elijah sees something beautiful in her. I would love for him to express that to her before he goes. I feel like Elijah would be most drawn to her because she's living a better life than people who've lived for centuries longer. I think that's the sort of thing he's attracted to. Even it was just a moment, I'd love to see them share something -- but I think it should be more."
The dapper Original also teases Stefan's desire to reclaim and prove his love for the lovely Doppelganger.

"I also don't think Stefan is out of the picture really. Both Elijah and Daniel think Stefan is still the biggest romantic threat for Elena's heart."

Daniel on how he would like to see season 3 play out between Klaus and Elijah.

"I'd really like him to be an instrument in the destruction of Klaus. I don't see that happening without considerable damage or the complete loss of his own life. I think it will be one of those classic stories where a dark person takes down an even darker entity but take themselves out at the same time."