Elijah Is Back! Daniel Gillies Spoils “Bringing Out The Dead”

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January 29, 2012

To the joy of many fans, The Vampire Diaries Elijah was un-daggered. The always charming Daniel Gillies spoiled to TV Fanatic about what will be going down this Thursday night when TVD returns.

“They’re [Klaus and Elijah] gonna have to put aside their differences,” Gillies stated. “Let’s face it, both of us have betrayed the other in some way, Klaus obviously more prolifically than Elijah, but Elijah has done his fair share, as well.” Gillies goes on to tease this Thursday’s episode, “Bringing Out The Dead” will “dictate the course” of the next several episodes, laying out “terms and parameters” for various characters. Daniel reveals Elijah’s relationship with Klaus to be “appallingly adversarial for hundreds of years” and said if there’s any love at all on his character’s end, it was “suppressed” a long time ago. At this point, Elijah has one item on his agenda: getting his family back together. “It’s the season of the Originals,” Gillies said coyly.