Elena’s Not Ready To Let Damon Go, Plus Flashback Falls And Jeremy’s Sudo-return

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March 7, 2012

When The Vampire Diaries returns from hiatus and starts it’s end of season run, fans can expect to see some revealing flashbacks. New information surrounding the time in Elena’s life when her adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, will surface and impact the way we view Mystic Falls in present day.

“The great rule of storytelling is… don’t flash back if there’s nothing that’s going to change your life moving forward, and we’ll have to see what we can uncover about that past that can would impact us today,” executive producer Julie Plec spoiled. “Elena’s parents are dead, and it was a human accident, and a human tragedy. The night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life was the beginning of their love story, so I would certainly like to return to that night at some point and know more about it.”

Unfortunately, Jeremy fans will only get to see his 14 year old self in a flashback toward the end of the season.

Though Damon and Elena aren’t on the best of terms right now, things are going to grow more intense between them — if that’s at all possible! Though revisiting the car crash may stir up some feelings for Stefan and Elena, there are some passionate, powerful scenes coming up for her and Damon, too. Let’s just say that while he may have given up on pursuing her for the greater good, she’s not quite ready to let him go yet.

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  • F Silva

    Elene, don’t give up on DAMON!!!! He loves you and you love him too!!! There is so much chemistery between these too. ;)

  • Vampfan

    Elena is starting to annoy me with her attitude.  She’s way too forgiving of Stefan, and Stefan was much more entertaining as a bad guy.  I’m disappointed that the writers seemingly have her back pining over him and he over her again.  

  • Xtinalol

    or elena just let him go if you don’t want him. he deserves someone who’ll love him and only him…team Damon:x

  • Uncle Jackass

    It’s perfectly fine for the character Elena to not choose between Stefan or Damon. If she does, then the story will end…

  • Kim T

    DELENA all the way!  Kathryn & Stefan then Damon & Elena!  :-)  So I’m glad to hear that Elena isn’t completely crazy in the show & letting Damon go so easy.

  • rk212005

    if she says that she picked damon and wants to be a vampire with him im wont be suprised one bit,

  • rk212005

    but if she says she wants to be with stefan and turn into a vampire i wouldnt be surprised either but if she picked elijah ill be shocked i might pass out if she picks him and becomes a vampire with him

  • rk212005

    ill be even more shocked if caroline falls in love with klaus at the dance and decides to be with him forever

  • rk212005

    and breaks tylors heart

  • Karenina

    I read somewhere that Caroline’s gonna save Klaus or warn him.. Is that true?

  • Archuletta_11

    I;m getting bored of stelena and delena, so Klaroline all the way :)

  • Hollie

     Totally agree, so annoying & far to forgiving! When Damons bad she hates him, but when its stefan its another story everyone falls at his feet, to tell the trush i wouldnt be to botherd if she was killed off, That moment at Klaus’s family ball when she had both them on each arm GRRR!

  • Gianna

    The only way Elena would surprise me right now is if she decides to remain human and wait for another person, She’s been such a d… bag to Damon and Stefan is just an extra in this series. If the producers wanted him to make a bigger impression, they should’ve cast another actor. Ian is eating Paul’s liver!!

  • Lena

    “she’s not quite ready to let him go yet.”

    Don’t let him go, girl!!! OMG, that show will kill me haha, the tension!

    I do really hope they end up together, her romance with Stefan is so dramatic and boring, I couldn’t take it that after all these years of following this show, that’s the end I will have to swallow.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what’ll happen in the next ep.

  • S.

    Would somebody (from spoilersguide.com)  be so kind and an start a POLL like CHAIR/DAIR just with Stefan&Elena vs. Damon&Elena?

    Just asking, if it’s possible…would be really interesting to know what mayority here is thinking:)
    so hopefully sb from the team reads this, thx:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Lou-Stinson/1132185157 Mary-Lou Stinson

    delena !! this tension between them is just so exciting. stefan is annoying me! he can do whatever he wants and everyone is like *oh stefan, we love u!* that sucks. elena should end up with damon or by herself.. i wouldn’t go on watching the show if she chooses stefan.. and I’m scared because spoilers say she’s making a choice by the end of this season. -.-