Elena & Jeremy Get Closer to the Truth

Elena & Jeremy Get Closer to the Truth

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But the siblings are searching in different directions. Elena's looking for the truth about her birth, and Jeremy's looking for the truth about vampires. Never fear, they'll get answers: just maybe not the ones they expected. Or wanted.

[Elena] looks up some of Mommie Dearest's old friends. But rather than welcome Elena and regale her with stories about the time they did body shots off the lifeguard in Rosarita, they turn out to be a wily, suspicious bunch, and they smell the vervain on Elena a mile away.

Um, are they vampires? Momma, what were you doing hanging out with that crowd? Maybe that's why you came to a bad end...

Also, the boring Vicki rumors will finally be laid to rest. Because her body is going to be found. Rest in peace this is not.

So this means that (a) she really is dead and not coming back as boss Kevin Williamson told us and (b) Jeremy is so gonna find everything out, right? That has to be where all this is heading, given that he's realizing that there are vampires in Mystic Falls.

How do you think Jer will react, especially when he finds out how his girlfriend passed ? And how interested ARE you in the whole Elena adoption thing?

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Thanks to Johanna for the heads up.