Dillon Casey to Guest Star on Vampire Diaries

Dillon Casey to Guest Star on Vampire Diaries

There's some new casting spoilers out-and-about!

The Vampire Diaries will start the new year with another hot guest star, Dillon Casey (recently seen in Being Erica and showing off his assets in MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives). According to executive producer Julie Plec, he’ll be playing a character named Noah who becomes obsessed with Elena, much to Stefan’s concern. Looks like the path to true love is going to be as rocky as ever for Elena and Stefan.

[caption id="attachment_488" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Mr. To-Be-Obsessed-with-Elena"]Mr. To-Be-Obsessed-with-Elena[/caption]

Is this a mutual obsession or is Casey's character a full-out psycho stalker? Will Elena want Stefan's concern and protection, or will she insist on being the independent, strong lady that we know and love? And perhaps most importantly: is 'Noah' a normal human being? Or is he a vampire, werewolf, etc, or anything else the writers might feel like pulling out of their hats?

Source: Vampire-Diaries