Damon's a Better Kisser than Stefan

Damon's a Better Kisser than Stefan

Well, who would have guessed. It's not like the man himself is saying it. Oh wait - it is! Ian Somerhalder spills some spoilers about the increasingly popular - or at least most talked about - shipping of Damon & Elena.

"Damon's never kissed Elena. Not yet. Oh, but when he does, she's gonna enjoy it so much more than Stefan. I mean, c'mon! Damon is a much better kisser than Stefan!" Ian adds, "When the vervain is out of the picture, some interesting things do happen. I think Elena really enjoys herself when she's around Damon. She has a very good time."

Yes, we all know that Stefan is the tall, dark, and melancholy one in the family. But does just having fun mean Elena's meant to be with Damon? Nope, because fun isn't everything, boys and girls.

"The fans take the Damon, Elena and Stefan love triangle very seriously. It reminds me of when I worked on Dawson's Creek and we would honestly get into verbal brawls about whether Joey should be with Dawson or Pacey. We did that right up until the very end!" So where do things stand now on TVD? "We know that the show's true love right now is Stefan and Elena—but then you have Damon, and he is like the show's Pacey, so we can't count him out."

In short, Ms. Plec insists that Stefan and Elena are meant to be, and then finishes up by saying Damon and Elena are meant to be. We're no further ahead than we were initially. So, anyone else sick of the whole debate? This love triangle is going to be an issue for the show's entire run, however long, so isn't there anything a little... different to sink our teeth into? That's not saying it's not fun to watch onscreen - just that as internet news - it's getting old.

Source: Watch With Kristen