Nudity in Mystic Falls

Nudity in Mystic Falls

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Ian Somerhalder has some nearly-naked spoilers for the rest of the season. We're not kidding... but he might be.

Q: Can you hint at anything else going on, for the rest of this season?

Ian: A lot of stuff will be going on. You’ll get to see Paul and I with our shirts off, a lot more. You’ll get to see some of the girls, half-naked. We’re going to be dealing with the tomb. With this relationship between Damon and Stefan, you’re going to find out all the reasons why they are the way they are together. And we’re going to start diving into Katherine and all the antics and things that she brings with her. It’s going to be good.

Q: Will the people who read the Vampire Diaries books know what’s coming in the finale, or are you shaking things up?

Ian: We deviate a lot, and it’s necessary just for production reasons. This isn’t a movie. This is a show that’s going to evolve with these characters. We’re hopefully going to get to see every one of these girls, half-naked. I want the audience to be satisfied. We’re going to be naked, all the time.

Nice to know he cares about his audience that much.

Source: IESB