Damon Goes Up for Auction in Mystic Falls

Damon Goes Up for Auction in Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls [cough Cougar Town]

Mystic Falls takes a side trip to Cougar Town as Damon is pursed by not one, not two, but three older women (all of whom are mothers to main characters). Damon, however, is set on getting good and drunk to recover from the shocking news that Katherine is out and about and above all, not interested.

Sheriff Forbes asks Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to participate in a bachelor auction officiated by Mrs. Lockwood. Beyond that, executive producer Julie Plec says that Matt’s mess of a mom will interfere in his relationship with Caroline, while Caroline’s mother will reveal to Damon why Alaric Saltzman really came to town. As for Tyler’s cougar mom, she’ll cope with her husband’s infidelity by trying to sink her claws into Damon.

Will Damon actually be interested in any of the moms?

“Damon spends most of episode 14 and a good portion of 15 drunk,” reveals exec producer Julie Plec. “Watching him sort of spiral into the abyss of self pity is kind of hilarious.”

I'd like to see him spiral right into Melinda Clarke's arms, if you know what I mean.

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