Damon & Elena: Just Friends?

Damon & Elena: Just Friends?

But only for now. Because Vampire Diaries' little love triangle is about to take off, and we've got the spoilers to prove it. It's a tale as old as time: brothers in love with the same gorgeous girl. Even though it can't end well for everybody (and nobody buys the classic 'just friends' excuse), we can still enjoy the time it takes to conclude!

The Vampire Diaries' cast and crew have been out and about offering their takes on the situation.

From Ian:

"I think what Elena will learn," Ian (Damon) tells me, "is that even though he is a diabolical jerk, Damon speaks the truth. He does not lie. And Stefan (Paul Wesley) has lied to her. So Damon will win Elena over in that capacity. And who's to say Stefan isn't a little bit evil anyway? He definitely has some evil in him."

From Nina:

"It's not a love triangle with only two people," Nina says. "And now that the necklace is off, she's very vulnerable. In the next episodes we're going to see there's going to be a lot of Damon and Elena."

And from Kevin Williamson:

“What’s going to be really fun for Damon isn’t seducing Elena — she’s in love with Stefan, so that’s not going to work,” notes KW. “The best way to truly piss off Stefan is to be her friend. True love doesn’t necessarily come from passion. And he also needs the friend. So they develop an unlikely friendship that’s real.”

What do you think? I'm glad that Stefan has a little bit of evil in him. You can't be a truly good vampire and would be boring if so. And Damon and Elena will make a very. interesting. pair of friends. Especially since one of them no longer has a certain necklace that protects her from the other.

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