Damon and Humanity? In the Same Sentence?

Damon and Humanity? In the Same Sentence?

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Damon and Elena was always going to happen at some point. But I thought it would be more of a too-hot-to-keep-apart situation, while the producers are starting to spill that they'll actually truly kinda sorta really love and understand each other. Sound like friendship to you?

“We’ll see Damon start to look at Elena as more than just his brother’s girlfriend or the doppelganger to the love of his life,” [Julie Plec] reveals. “He’ll start to love and understand her as a human being, which is ironic because Damon could typically give a s–t about anything involving humanity. It’s some good stuff.”

This is what's so great about The Vampire Diaries; it's just plain old interesting at every turn. Damon, loving and understanding? Who'd have thunk it.

[But dear shippers, don't worry. This isn't the end of Stefan and Elena, and the producers have affirmed that many a time. Why can't she enjoy the best of both worlds?]

Source: Ask Ausiello