Damon, Elena, & Bloodlines

Damon, Elena, & Bloodlines

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With Bloodlines airing tonight after a Very Long Wait, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson let us in on a few little spoilers about the episode, and raise some questions about Damon & Elena's future.

First, a few little details about tonight's episode:

Just as we’re about to reveal who this man in the road she hit was, Elena gets rescued by Damon and they set off on an adventure together. Now, not having her necklace on, Damon could very easily have forced her to go, but she says yes on her own and they take a road trip to Georgia in pursuit of more answers on how to open Katherine’s tomb.

Damon just doesn't give up, does he? That charm seems to work every time. But that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. In fact,

now that Damon and Elena have bonded does she trust him in a way that she shouldn’t and that’s not safe for anybody? Also, where does Elena fit into Damon’s nefarious plan and is she going to help him out? Just who’s on whose side?

Sadly, the producers don't go on to actually answer those questions. Instead they muse about how long Mystic Falls will remain in the dark about What's Going On, and the chance that some Kyle XY alums might appear on the show.

How would YOU answer those questions? I can't wait to find out...

Source: DVR Playground