Damon and Katherine Kiss!

Damon and Katherine Kiss!

There's lots of Damon/Stefan/Katherine goodness in a soon-airing episode, Flashback Falls style!

Watch with Kristen reports this exciting spoiler:

It seems Katherine (Nina) and Damon (Ian) will share some hot and steamy screentime in an upcoming episode.

"There's a big episode coming up that's all about Katherine," Nina told me exclusively after the panel session with reporters. "I love playing her because she's everything I'm not and I can get it all out of my system. I actually have modeled the character after Ian's performance of Damon, because he does it so well." So the chemistry is palpable, friends!

Lucky girl to be able to share sexy screen time with both vamp brothers, guilt-free! Does Elena-in-the-form-of-Katherine kissing Damon satisfy those of you who root for that pairing? Or are you for all Stefan, all the time?