Damon And Katherine Get Hot & Heavy Thursday, In “The Reckoning”

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October 11, 2011

EOnline has a spoilery nugget to pass along to The Vampire Diaries fandom about this week’s episode, “The Reckoning”. Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan return to Mystic Falls to reclaim Bex’s necklace from Elena, while Damon takes a road trip with Katherine. I smell a distraction and a very pissed Damon; How about you guys? Discuss below!!!

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) do kiss in Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. While we won’t spoil Damon’s reaction to the smooch, we will say he won’t be gone from Mystic Falls for very long.

  • Black-abyss

    Jeeeez damon. Thought we were over this Kat stuff!
    Guy really needs some self control with it comes to her. She screwed him over so bad, he should think better of himself then to bang her in a car haahha

  • :)

    agree! ignore her Damon and get back to Elena!

  • VampireDiaries_10

    urrrg! i don’t understand why Damon goes back to Katherine,i mean we all know that Delena WILL happen, so why doesn’t it just happen now??

  • http://twitter.com/donjaa_x Donja

    Yeah, I totally agree! I mean, he knows what kind of woman Katherine is, and yet he always gives in. He loves Elena and he knows it. The only thing they’ve got in common is their looks. I have a feeling Katherine is going to screw everything up, mark my words. 

  • Meli

    UGh, yeah, he’s gonna screw up BIG TIME if he doesn’t learn how to control himself, he’s already turning off Elena with his behaviour… and yeah, he said he’s not Stefan but he really loves Elena he should start trying to be less of a monster and more of a gentleman. Anyway, I know this new episode is gonna be awesome, I can’t wait!!!

  • F Silva

    Damon nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Go back to ELENA!!!!! ;)

  • TVDaddict

    so elenas gn be in mystic falls wer stefan is trying to kill her cuz klaus compelled him to turn of his emotions…and damon off with katherine?? WTF?????? DAMON YOU IDIOT..GET UR ASS BACK TO THE GIRL YOU LOVE….not katherine..she ruined ur life…………………… SMH. ughhhhhhhhh just waiting for delena to happen <3

  • Delena

    From the spoilers I saw and read, Damon will force Katherine to tell him what she’s up to, and he WILL go to Klaus in Mystic Falls! I saw that Damon fights Klaus (1 sec frame) in the promo.