The Vampire Diaries Casting Spoilers: Three Major Roles Revealed For Back Half Of Season 5

The Vampire Diaries Casting Spoilers: Three Major Roles Revealed For Back Half Of Season 5

The Vampire Diaries has been building a tremendous season and on the heels of a season 6 pick-up, they fully intend on wowing the TVD Fandom with an ever twisting storyline to finish out season 5. Casting spoilers are plenty starting with the addition of a major recurring role, played by Raffi Barsoumian.
This relative newcomer, fresh from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is set to play Markos. Markos has supernatural origins and is described as imposing with a charismatic presence.




More beauty comes our way, by way of the incredible Heather Hemmens. This former Hellcat is all set to fill the role of Maggie, has been cast as Maggie, Enzo's aforementioned love interest, circa 1953, from his torturous Augustine captivity. Fans won't see Maggie until episode 19, and it's going to be very interesting to see how the writers weave her into TVD's season 5 framework.

"She wasn't part of the torture and experiments. For the longest while, she didn't realize Dr. Whitmore was doing more than just observing my behavior," revealed in the episode 9, "The Cell". "I didn't have the heart to tell her. I was just so glad of the company. When she finally realized what was going on here, she couldn't bear it. So she said she was sorry and she left."



CSI: NY & NCIS: Los Angeles alum, Chris Brochu, has been cast as Luke. Luke is described as a fun and charming Whitmore college student. Brochu's character will befriend Elena and Caroline, but shippers shouldn't worry about a love connection due to the fact that Luke is gay. Luke's run will start in episode 16 and will continue through multiple episodes. As with most multi-episode character's, Luke will have a secret agenda for himself, centering around witches and the travelers.