The Vampire Diaries Casting Spoilers: Klaus’ Possessive Ex And A New Witch

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August 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries - Damna and Klaus

The Vampire Diaries is bringing on a couple more new characters for season 4. Looks like Klaus will be paid a visit by an ex-girlfriend. Spoilers below:

She is said to be in her early 20′s and slightly un-kept. She’s described as wild-eyed, beautiful and provocative and has carried a torch for Klaus for a number of years. In her case love, devotion and possessiveness can drive you go a little mad. Klaus will be shocked and worried at the measures she has taken to wait for him.

A new witch will be brought into Damon’s fold when he goes in search of an older witch acquaintance for help.

She is the great-grand daughter of the older witch Damon seeks. She owns a small witch shop in the middle of nowhere. Damon is coming to her for help with a special spell that involves a lot of human blood. Things don’t go well and Damon leaves very frustrated.

Source: Spoilers Guide – The Vampire Diaries

  • Vicky

    A picture with Damon and Klaus called “The Rager”?!? This is something I am really looking forward to!

  • Vicky

    And smiling!

  • rita kasparian

    wow i guess klaus has bigger problems hahahahahahah his ex gd is coming in episode ?

  • rita kasparian

    episode 3?

  • Matej

    Not quite :)

  • rita kasparian

    so his ex girlfriend is going to show up in episode 3?

  • Mashii90

    Okay, I can’t wait to see this so called ex-girlfriend of Klaus ! :) I wonder if she is anything like Sage ? And what the others think of her .

    Does anyone know when she is set to appear ? And who will play her ? :-o

  • katrin

    this is all fake!!

  • Allie

    it´s fake, julie plec xconfirmed it

  • Allie
  • Vanessa

    I belive it´s fake, klaus only semi-cared for his family how could he have a girlfriend, when all he thought about was breaking the curse and protect his family from mikael

  • rita kasparian

    sooooooo when is the ex girlfriend showing up?