‘The Vampire Diaries’ Casting Spoilers: A Villain And A Teen Dream

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June 27, 2012

The Vampire Diaries is set to begin filming season 4 in just a few short weeks and the casting spoilers have already started to roll in. Zap2it confirmed that a new teen dream will be hitting Mystic Falls when the CW hit premieres in October.

16 year old April will return to Mystic Falls after a sudden death in her family. April grew up in the sleepy, monster ridden town, but has been away at private school for the last few years. We don’t know much about April yet, but we can reveal that she will remember Elena and Jeremy from her childhood and she is smarter than you think.

In other casting news, The Vampire Diaries is looking for a ‘scary hot’ actor to play the intriguing and possibly deadly character of Conner. Sources know even less about Conner, but he is described as a ‘highly trained killing machine’. I can also spoil that both characters are set to be recurring roles and will have prominent storylines in the first part of season 4.
So, tell me what you think about these new additions to Mystic Falls?
Does April have a hidden agenda?
Is Conner our new season 4 villain?
Go—>Discuss—>Now :)

  • Klaroline<333

    Klaus will always be my villain <3

  • Andy Ass

    April for Jeremy, I think.

  • Melissa

    who’s playing april ?!

  • TVD

    She better stay 1000mile away from my Klaus ….

  • Mashii90

    Hey, if there is a ‘new big bad’ in town, then they don’t have to kill off Klaus !! Yaaaaiy ! :D He can be with Caroline :)

    I think the new girl, April, is up to something .. Nobody comes to Mystic Falls without an agenda .. She probabaly knows something & I agree with @disqus_SSTPUOmacc:disqus : She better stay away from Klaus !!
    Klaus is for Caroline, and Caroline ONLY. Not some random chick just coming into town ! :S

  • piper

    i dont want conner or someone else…
    i want R?CK!!!:’(:’(:’(

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    The actress to play April hasn’t been revealed yet, but I will keep you posted :) Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    they want to cast phoebe tonkin after secret circle got cancelled, maybe she will be cast?

  • Andy Ass

    My favorite Klaus moment was when towards the end of the season when Bonnie did the desiccation spell on him and all of his life was being drained.
    That was great. Hope that happens to him again and it will be the end of him.

  • athena

    am I the only who thinks it’s pointless with this April girl and that other guy as recurring characters

  • http://www.facebook.com/tinafedric Kristina Fedric

    no no april for damon.I think they need to bring someone else for him instead of elena. she is destroying him and breaking his heart over and over again. he needs someone to let him feel happy again not devistated.

  • Andy Ass

    I was thinking Rebekah or Bonnie for Damon.

  • a_softsong

    No you are not.

  • a_softsong

    April is only 16 years old. I don’t think Klaus would be interested at all. Klaus is fascinated with Caroline because she’s a vampire and age and time are no longer relevant.

  • Anonymous

    klaus is the worst thing that ever sucked life out of vampire diaries. The show has sucked since it became Klaus-obsessed

  • Kate


  • Darline de haeck

    nono april is related to jeremy so it’s not possible