Casting Spoilers: A Vamp~Witch Is Headed to Mystic Falls

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October 22, 2011

I have some spoilery casting news to share with my TVD Family this Saturday morning. Danielle Panabaker has been cast to play Veronica a witch who has been turned into a vampire, a vampwitch ;) No news yet when Panabaker’s Veronica will debut in season 3, but I’m sure she’ll make a splash. This an interesting piece of spoilery goodness; What do my fellow fans think of TVD’s new addition?

  • Heather Rogers

    I’ve always wondered about that. I have been wanting to see a witch turned vamp! This is going to be great!

  • the vampire diaires

    Cant wait to see her!
    Also, I didn’t know that she is sister to
    Kay Panabaker!!
    They look exactly like!
    When I first saw the picture I thought it was Kay Panabaker..

  • Winter

    Interesting.  Wonder how Bonnie’s going to feel.  She lost some of her powers, looks like she’s losing her man to his ghost vampire ex, and now she’ll have a vampire-witch to compete with.  She’s going to have step it up.  Lol. 

  • Love Nona

     I love it so much it amazing and the episodes is keeping better

  • Ann Pierce

    This is going be cool… lol Yet another twist to make the show epic….. now the only hybrid/combination that they haven’t tried (that we are aware of) is a werewolf/witch.

  • Delena~

    they should do a hybrid witch! :D to pwn klaus~


     i wonder  if there could be a vampire/witch/werewolf????

  • Chloe_likes_cookies

    Yay ive always wanted to know if a witch can be turned into a vampire! The series is so amazing but it will be heaps better when stefan and elena get back together! Lol

  • sarakhan

    that`s what we want. we want stelena again. bring back stelena.

  • Apjrlmcd

    she is such a beautiful girl, im glad she is coming to vampire diaries!

  • Erickrapsan

    Imagine someone that is a werewolf/witch/vampire/ghost at the same timeee? I would creat that character, and the name should be Elena the third doppelganger LOL

  • Erickrapsan

    Bonnie’s mom will be in the episode 3×10, maybe that vampwitch will be in the episode 3×11… Or in the end of the episode 3×10 in The Grill

  • Moralesmarie999

    this is freak we didn’t got that info from julie or kevin

  • William Pence

    It is because she is the ORIGINAL Witch… I think they literally meant an Original who is also a witch.. They kept talking about her.. this is definitely her… She is also the one trying to have Elana killed by the dead people, it all fits… Anyone agree?

  • Delena <3

    the only thing left is a witchwolf

  • twihard_diehard

    first white witch iv seen in this show lol

  • Delena


  • suneet

    oooooh! Maybe she’ll get with Klaus ;D

  • ananymous

    Interesting ! I think this is the witch who in tombed Mikael! I wondered why a witch wanted to get rid of a vampire hunter!!! but know it makes sense cause Mikael was a threat to her as well  (she was also a vampire) !!!!

  • Mikael

     She is the second, and not the first. Do you remember Maddox? He was a white witch.

  • Mikael

    The original witch is dead. Klaus said so himself in The End of the Affair when he was talking to Gloria.  

  • Delenaendgame

    Stelena is long gone and even if Stefan gets his humanity back thingswont go back to normal with the click of fingers.

  • Jessy Blaze

    I love Danielle, great casting & I’m looking forward to seeing how her story line goes and what she can do with the character!

  • Brittany Sky

    the vampire diaries writers need to stop reading my mind. i always said they need to have a witch/vampire/human (awesome right). AHHHHHH!!!! MIND READERS!

  • Jess

    I don’t think that’s possible because you have to be born as a witch or a werewolf, I don’t think you could be both.

  • Mojito

    Hmm interesting theory maybe the original witch is klaus and rebekahs mother, klaus said she was dead – white ashed. She would want klaus stopped as she caused the hybrid so she did the original spell to keep his werewolf side at bay.

  • jen

    Didnt Rebecca recently say that you could be one or the other not both so hows this going to work

  •!/natashafine Natasha

    I know, I thought the exact same thing! They may have changed her character after casting, or maybe she’s an Original sibling and inherited her mother’s witchy joo joo; Momma Original may have put a curse on her as well. I’m sure we’ll find out before season’s end. Thanks for posting :)!!

  • JohnD

     Hi Jen. She certainly did mention that. I believe this news is fake (although I love Danielle Panabaker and she would be perfect for the role). However, maybe there’s some sort of spell or a whole new mythology that the writers and producers haven’t told us.

  • Bonnie/DamonFTW

    So like one parent was werewolf, one parent was a witch, the person got bit by a vampire, and then died at some point and was turned into a ghost? Would that work?