The Vampire Diaries Episode 12 Spoilers – Katherine & Vervain

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November 21, 2009

SpoilerTV has some casting spoilers for the Vampire Diaries episode 12  [ we just posted other spoilers for this episode so take a look => episode 12 spoilers ]

  • The first one’s about Pearl,  attractive Chinese girl in his early 30′s. Seen in flashback’s, she is an apothecary for the town of Mystic Falls. Going door to door on sales visits she stops at the Salvatorre residence and meets Katherine. Unaware of what Katherine is, she tries to sell her vervain and quickly finds herself in danger. Recurring role.
  • The second is Guiseppe, handsome mad in his mid 30′s.  Seen in flashback’s, he is Stefan and Damon’s father. A non-nonsense businessman with a stern demeanor that hides a fierce devotion to his family and growing fears for their future. Guest star.