Candice Accola Spoils The Blossoming Romance Between Klaus And Caroline

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February 7, 2012

Candice Accola spoiled some serious dish about a possible Klaus and Caroline pairing. Accola reveals that things can definitely blossom between herself and the dapper Hybrid, but promises the plot will be thickening as The Vampire Diaries heats up for the remainder of season 3.

Source: EOnline

  • Someonesomewere

    :O I hope they do I’ll be CHUFFED!! What would Elena say?? Hmmmmm that shall be interesting!! 

  • Koshka

    I can’t see the video :-(

  • lunamaya

    Caroline would be just a fling for Klaus, cuz his love always dedicated to original Ptrova aka Tatia aka Elena :D

  • Delena

    You’re wrong. Klaus doesn’t feel anything for Elena, aKa PUNCHED her in the face, with Stefan there. I really believe that he’ll love Caroline, or else he wouldn’t put his pride aside a bit to interact romantically with Caroline. I never saw ANY care in Klaus’ eyes for Elena, but I DID see that with Caroline.
    Just like Damon that he doesn’t see Elena like Katherine anymore in the beginning of season 3. Klaus wouldn’t look at Elena just because he loved Tatia. Klaus never even liked Katherine too.

  • Delena

    Hmm if the producers want to put Delena on hold until season 4, then I will GLADLY enjoy myself with Klaroline in the meantime :D

  • JackieLively

    Klaus and Caroline is the one shocking storyling in season 3.
    The show should definitely give this relationship a real possibility.

  • Anonymous

    Another triangle?! Poor Tyler…… i don’t think Klaus will die (his character has a special place in this show) in my opinion he will become a better person, will change, but i like more Tyler, he’s perfect for Caroline, and Klaus has done many things that are not very easy to forget. I can’t say that i really like when there are radical changes of situation, and leading the characters in the other extreme, but all these things make this show so interesting and i can’t wait until the next episode. The best Show ever, i hope they make 10 seasons:)