Candice Accola Dishes About What Season 3 Holds For Forewood!

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June 4, 2011

Candice Accola, better known as Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries dished to Hollywood Life about a Tyler/Caroline connection. Here’s what Accola spoiled about Season 3 and Forewood!

“Yeah, of course [I hope they get together]. I mean at this point it could go either way,” she reveals. Teasing that she loves their “non-sexually aggressive start.” Candice further explains, “You meet someone and value their friendship and beautiful relationships can grow from it, but there’s still Matt…” she adds.

Well, that pretty much cements a love triangle for Tyler, Caroline and Matt in season 3 :). So, what do my fellow TVD fans think?
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Source: Hollywood Life

  • Sirirak


  • Daniellejake Moomoo

    Besides Damon and Elena, Tyler and Caroline is probably my favorite couple. I would actually pay to see a series just about those two. :)

  • Natasha

    I love Matt, but I love Tyler and Caroline’s chemistry more. Plus, the whole cross-species thing is very intriguing because it’s dangerous. I’m sure Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes will be working overtime to keep their supernatural babies away from each other now that they are aware and that will lead to some storylines for Tyler and Caroline. Thanks for posting :)!!

  • tvd!

    I hope Caroline and Tyler get together! And Damon and Elena ofc! ;)

  • Dana

    I want Tyler and Caroline together!! Matt was good for Caroline when she was human but now he doesn’t understand her but Tyler does and they are perfect for each other!! Tyler and Caroline FTW <3

  • NovZeL_02

    when will be the showing of season 3…Im really excited!!!

  • Ayesha0410

    i can’t wait for season 3 as it will be showing in september that’s not far away thankgod! i don’t think i could live without vampire diaries and i’ve had enough of stefan and elena it’s time for damon and elena and it looks like something is going to happen between them anyway because stefan has gone over to the dark side woth klaus so go delena!the vampires. and jermany and bonnie are so cute together , and for all those people who thought that vampires come back to life they don’t they are just ghosts of jermany’s past as he is going to start seeing dead vampires they have a powerful message for him it was also a bad ideato kill off sara canning who plays jenna she is an amazing character! :)

  • Abc

    Caroline + Tylerr = <33333

    Caroline and Matt are just too boring and Tyler's super cute. 

  • Me4472

    Damon elena<3
    caroline tyler<3

  • Beck

    Tyler is so hot.
    Tyler & Caroline are my favourite couple.
    My second favourite is Jeremy & Bonnie.
    I don’t mind if Elena is with Stefan or Damon, I like both. :)

  • Angeliqueojeda

    why is it called “vampire diaries” when they hardly write in their diaries????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Van_joy_14

    forbes and lockwood kawaii……

  • lala

    i want caroline to be together and madly in love and gushy!! i also love damon and elena together!!! both couples are perfect for each other! stefan can just stay with Klaus and get all blood hungry and crazy and never return the same way again!!

  • lala

    caroline and tyler & damon and elena are both perfect together!! i want them both to be madly in love and all gushy!! i hope stefan stays with klaus after being all blood hungry and crazy and never being the same again!! stefan and elena are boring, but damon and elena are really exciting!! and caroline and tyler are perfect for each other! they care about each other and they just fit… i cant wait for thursday!! it is so exciting!! i hope caroline’s mom gets killed cuz she’s really annoying!! then tyler can comfort caroline……:)