Bonnie Will Go Against Elena With A Strong Conviction

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February 16, 2012

Katerina Graham spoiled to TV Guide about the next few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, including tonight’s “All My Children”. Bonnie and Abby~Persia White are an important element to Esther’s shocking plan to eviscerate all her children. Graham reveals that Bonnie will be further torn when her bestie Elena has reservations about killing Elijah.

“Bonnie’s not a vengeful person, there’s always a purpose behind [her actions],” Graham says. “Whether she’s wrong or right by audience standards she firmly stands by it. If she goes against Elena, or even Elena going against Bonnie, it would be because they both have this conviction that what they’re doing is right. That’s important to remember watching the upcoming episodes.”

Graham also teased the new dynamic between Bonnie and her estranged mother Abby.

“Bonnie is making an effort and I think Abby is too … to try and keep everyone in the town safe and to try and be there for each other. How successful they will both be is yet to be discovered or seen, but for right now the effort it being made.”

  • Kis (Denmark)

    Hey – Doesn´t anybody realize that Esther is probably not going to stop by her own children. She want´s to kill her own children because they are an abomination to nature – but that goes for all vampires. Elena is a pretty smart character. She must realize that! 

  • Twanz

    great writers.. nice from movin the hate from elena to bonnie.. the fans are gonna curse and hate on her cuz elijah is a fan favorite..sigh.. 

  • Anna

    It’s time for Bonnie to teach Elena a lesson about what real friendship means and the consequences of her actions and decisions. I can’t believe what happened tonight and blame absolutely all on Elena. She puts her loyalty to Elijah before her everyone! Elijah, the guy who’s responsible at first for Klaus being still alive, the guy’s who able to do  what Elena’s incapable of: “Put your loved ones above everyone and anyone”. Gram’s death and Abby becoming a vampire are all on Elena Gilbert. I hope Bonnie, even though she’s isn’t a vengeful person, will remind Elena of all  she went through because of her reckless behavior. Even Caroline can see it!

  • Illusion_2005

    if the originals die then there wont be a klaus or elijah story line … obv they wudnt let it happen .. i am prob one of a few out there but i really dont like bonnie .. she irritates me .. n its tru whats the point killing the originals if the originals have created all those other vampires already …. ester is responsible for the entire vampire race .. not jus her kids

  • Anonymous

    I Can’t Believe That Episode 16 ( The Next Episode) Will Be On In March 15 , I Can’t Wait So Long! But Im Really Excited To Find Out What Happens , And I Can’t Wait To Meet This New Character “Sage”

  • Anonymous

    Thank God The Originals Didn’t Get Killed, Because Without Them The Show Wouldn’t Be As Intresting.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God The Originals Didn’t Get Killed, Because Without Them The Show Wouldn’t Be As Intresting.

  • Brownie06921

     i agree. Was just telling my friend how irritating Bonnie is getting. She’s blaming Elena for her mom becoming a vamp, well its better then permenantly dead. Elena didnt choose to have the Salvatore boys do that she had no clue. Bonnie is ALWAYS complaining that she had to be involved in Vamp business but she always gets herself involved. Elena has told her many times to not get involved, that she doesnt have to do it, but bonnie says no. Example, Elena told Bonnie to not bother with the coffin that is was Stefans responsiblity but Bonnie said no it was sealed by magic so she has to. So ya Bonnie sucks now. She’s very irritating.

  • Lmpru

    Can we please get rid of Bonnie already..kill her off or move her out somewhere.. she is the most annoying, two faced person.  She gets involved in all the drama (willingly).. and then throws it in everyones faces later on.  She is the reason that CAROLINE is a vampire today, she told Damon to feed her his blood in the hospital when Eleana told him not to, then she turned her back on Caroline when she turned and wouldn’t speak to her.. she never thinks she’s wrong or takes any blame.. I hope she is one of the ones that will be out sooner than later! 

  • Drizas

    Exactly. Thats why i think that the spell dat esther wants to do is not only going to kill the originals but ALL of the vampires. Thats y they made abby a vampire, so bonnie will side wid dem to stop esther when they realise this.

  • noydb

    For all the bonnie haters if they get rid of bonnie who will save the threesome’s asses every other week? Say what you want but elena and everyone else take bonnie for granted and I will love to see how they will do now since they no longer have a pocket witch. wonder if all the hating would still apply if bonnie did what elena did? think we all know the answer to this question, double standard much?

  • Eloiset1234

    I do not like bonnie either. Bonnie need to stop blaming elaine for shit that happens. Elaine is the one whom has lost her adopted parents,sister. And,her real dad whom,she thought was her Uuncle and her vampire mom. Bonnie lost her gram cause of A spell. At least she has her mom .even though she a vvampire. Who does elaine have? Damon has abandon her. Especially,she realize that she love damon. Bonnie need to leave town like her mom did. Elaine need to get new friends.