Another Decade Dance For Mystic Falls, Plus New Salvatore Insight To Come In “1912″

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March 2, 2012

EP Julie Plec has a revealing tidbit for all my hungry Vampire Diaries fans. Many have written off Klaus and Caroline’s brief run at romance, but Plec teases that you shouldn’t count the Original hottie out just yet.

“Klaus definitely presents a seductive allure for Caroline, but she claims her heart belongs to Tyler — and in Episode 20, at the school’s decade dance, we’ll see that put to the test.”

The always spoilery Plec also tweeted Tuesday about the upcoming 1920′s themed decade dance revealing one of the possible song choices for episode 20.

“I swear I must’ve been a songbird in the 20′s. This makes me WAY too happy,” Song: “That Man” by: Dutch singer Caro Emerald.

TV Guide caught up with Ian Somerhalder on the set of The Vampire Diaries where he shared a spoilery Salvatore preview for TVD’s March 15th return, “1912″.

Now, tell me your thoughts, speculation and theories!!

  • teamOriginals<33

    I hope Damon and Elena will dance.
    AND Klaroline!!’

  • rk212005

    uh caroline has feelings for both klaus and tylor and her love for tylor is going to be tested in episode 20 well i cant wait to see the dance

  • rk212005

    carolines heart belongs to tylor well he needs to hurry up and come back and save her because she might have second thoughts about him i wonder does she invite klaus to the dance?

  • rk212005

    they probably will but then she can always dance with elijah