Angry Originals Awake And The Mysterious Coffin Opens

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January 31, 2012

According to EOnline fans of The Vampire Diaries can expect the return of The Originals to bring about a stunning display of sibling rivalry. None of the sleeping originals are happy with Klaus for having carted them around in coffins for God knows how long. Expect to see Klaus get a dose of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of epic-style anger. Oh, and that mysterious locked coffin will be opened much sooner than you think. TVD can’t drag anything out too long, so you can literally count the days fans!

  • Lowenxander05

    i think the mysterious coffin is their mother.just a guess…

  • j10

    or the original dobbelganger?

  • Delena!!!

    Ithink the original withc is in the locked coffin…. :) :D :P

  • Niklaus

    I heard a rumor that a vampire/witch was coming to town. I am fully aware that Rebekah stated that it was not possible for a vampire to be a witch also. You can only be one. You are either a servant of nature (a witch), or an abomination of nature (a vampire). Despite this I believe that the person in the coffin may be another original. One that is a hybrid like Klaus, but is half witch instead of half werewolf. I believe her name will be Veronica.

  • Delena

    You’re right :D it’s the MOTHER! The official promo of 3×14 has been released! Watch it here in HD.