An Ultimatum For Elena, Plus A Katherine Sighting?

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September 20, 2011

EOnline has a couple of Vampire Diaries scooplets to pass along to the TVD Fandom. After last week’s amazing premiere everyone’s wondering when we’ll see Katherine again and what’s going to happen between Damon and Elena while Stefan’s away.

“Katherine~Nina Dobrev doesn’t pop up right away. She hauled ass. Katherine is too delicious to go too long without seeing.” Let’s just say that when one of the brothers is away, Katherine will play.

Stefan~Paul Wesley is gone for the first half or so of the season. As for the show’s not-really-a-couple-but-basically-a-couple, Damon~Ian Somerhalder and Elena, I’m hearing he’s going to be giving her the Big U soon. The Big U being an ultimatum, obviously.

  • VampireDiarieS10

    OMG YES!!!!

  • ians

    Big U?

  • lisa

    can’t wait for katherine to come back!!

  • n.m.c

    What ultimatum?…WHAT FUCKING ULTIMATUM!!!??? :o



  • Anonymous

    It most likely means that he’s going to tell her to pick between him or Stefan…something along those lines I’m guessing. Lol. Like maybe he’ll say “I just want to know for sure if you want me or not. Cause if not, then I’m gonna stop. That’s it. And I’m gonna leave.” ..Something like that. Which I prefer. Cause I’m tired of seeing him hurt over it.

  • STELENA 4 ever

    noooooooo i want STEFAN and ELENA back together… he should not be with KLAUS and DAMON should leave ELENA alone!! STELENA forever!! why does stefan has to be away for half the season???!!!! :(

  • Delena

    I like Stefan, but I like him to be with Katherine.
    I LOVE Damon, and I think he’s better off with Elena; what he really feels for her is way deeper than Stefan; he proved that repeatedly. For example: like the time that he couldn’t let Elena die when she was hurt because she thought that Bonnie died, and a few more of those: like the time when he was desperate enough to feed her his own blood to prevent him from losing her, while Stefan AGREED and respected Elena’s decision.
    The love of parents for their children is pure, right? So when you see your child/loved one is IN DANGER, wouldn’t you do anything to stop it, even if it means to be hated by him/her forever?… Yes it was selfish and stupid, but being in love as deeply as Damon, makes you do stupid things.
    I’ve been in his shoes, and also did some stupid things, because I didn’t want to lose the one I love.

  • Rebekah

    just ick.. thankfully your wants arent gonna control what happens

  • Rebekah

    EXACTLY!!! i hope damon ends up with elena even though she annoys me sometimes because he wants to be with her. if its not gonna work out then i dont wanna see him hit rock bottom emotionally. how about making a decision cw?

  • Josephine

    I don’t want stefan gone for half of the season and I hate this stupid love triangle! Stefan and Elena belong together, they fit the story better! just because damon is hot and, I admit, he and elena do have chemistry it doesn’t mean their relationship is going to work. what if they do end up tohether? are they gonna be stefan and elena no2.? Elena and Damon are just too different. the only way that relationship could work would be if damon becomes good in a stefan way good, and what’s the point in that? I like Damon the way he used to be ,when he didn’t pine for elena!

  • maria

    what you descirbed is not true and pure love! true love is not selfish!! it’s the complete opposite! and you can’t campare the love of a parent for a child in danger with what damon did when he gave her his blood because giving her his blood

    didn’t save her from death it only made her come back as a vampire which is something she never wanted. and who says that being a vampire is better than death? damon did it not because he was doing it for her good he did it for himself!

  • Cgmiterko

    Stefan/Elena is the kind of first young romance that you have in high school – it’s all starry eyes and you think the other person can do no wrong and will always be perfect.  But then as you grow up you realize that kind of relationship isn’t really real and something that ultimately does not last.  Damon and Elena have a much more real kind of relationship – something that was slowly built over time where both peoples faults are well known and accepted before diving into it.  There’s is the kind of relationship that ends up lasting more in the long run.

  • Delena

    So now you’re saying that Damon doesn’t love Elena? I really like to put myself in your shoes and BELIEVE your crap, but I can’t :) sorry!

  • Delena

    Love makes you DO stupid things. Read some books! It’ll help you figure out your life :)

  • Delena

    Stelena have 2 seasons on their silver platter without effort! SE’ers aren’t USED to wait for their ships to happen, DE’ers however ALWAYS did! It’s hard waiting for something, right? Why do you have such a problem with Delena? The show IS about the Love-Triangle, so get used to it, or stop watching the show if it bothers you. L.J. Smith wanted a Delena endgame, there are MORE Delena fans than Stelena, and the producers here won’t be half as stupid as Alloy and Harperteen to stop giving the most fans what they want! Delena fans are 2, 3 times more than Stelena fans, so DEAL with it! Want proof? go here feel free to vote for Stelena as many times as you want, but Delena will ALWAYS be at least one step ahead of Stelena. Sorry to piss you SE’ers off, but I think now we’re even.