‘The Vampire Diaries’; An Inside Look At Tonight’s Episode, “The Last Day”

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April 28, 2011

The folks over at Zap2it had the pleasure of screening tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Last Day”. In addition to Tyler’s return there are several spoilery scooplets Carina shared about tonight’s cliffhanger episode.

“Almost every single beloved character is in mortal danger at one point or another. If you think your favorite is safe… don’t. We’ll also see Damon make a decision that changes the dynamic of the central love triangle significantly. We’ve been sworn to secrecy, so we’ll just say that a gasp rang through the room full of journalists and cast members when we saw the scene.”

Carina says.

“We’ll also say that we’ve never loved Elena more than we do by the time this episode draws to its cliffhanger ending.”