All Spoilers from 'The Vampire Diaries' Comic Con Panel

All Spoilers from 'The Vampire Diaries' Comic Con Panel

We've compiled together all spoilers The Vampire Diaries cast & crew revealed yesterday at the Comic-Con. Below you can find the full video of said panel as well. Enjoy!

The New season

The new season will pick up about four months after the finale - everyone's made some "big choices" and they're trying to work out how to move forward (some are doing it well, some not so well.) Julie tells us that anyone who's died doesn't have the opportunity to come back which is both good and sad.

Alaric is back

Is there a potential love interest for Alaric yet? "I think people do get naughty in our universe and if anyone deserves a little naughtiness it's probably Professor Saltzman," Julie jokes.

He will also be spending some time with Enzo. Enzo can be very charming (manipulative), but Alaric can see right through him - at least that's what he thinks!​

Crossover with The Originals

Another crossover question; Julie says it would be a nightmare to plan, but nothing is ruled out. They're talking about stories and if they can make it work, some characters from The Originals might appear.

Elena is not in a happy place

Someone asked if Elena would find comfort in another man. Nina says she thinks that would mean Elena's love for Damon wasn't real. In season 6 Elena is "not in a happy place" - her grief over Damon will be taking up space in the show for a while. But apparently she has a "confusing" way of dealing with her grief. Hmm.

Tyler and Elena are going to have a stronger "friend" dynamic this season.​

Jeremy & Bonnie romance is still possible

Jeremy is still angry at Bonnie for lying and then hanging up on him after finally admitting the truth. Even so, he still isn't over her and gets annoyed at everyone constantly telling him to move on. Beremy romance is still possible, but it's more about Jeremy (whatever that means.)

The reason why Elena and Jeremy are separated is because Jeremy is deliberately staying in Mystic Falls so that he can avoid Alaric and Elena.

New love stories

If Stefan and Caroline happened, would Elena call girl code? Nina says that would be hypocritical given that she dated both brothers: "She kept it in the family!" And Paul says Stefan has been good: "He deserves some action."

Ian was talking about new changes and relationships on the show. Some people may not be happy, but he thinks it was a long time coming.

Full panel video

Check out the panel video for more jokes and commentary from the cast!