Alaric's Wife Revealed as... Mia Kirshner

Alaric's Wife Revealed as... Mia Kirshner

Good-lookin', vampire-killin', high-school-teachin' Alaric's 'sweet and dangerous' wife has been cast in the form of Mia Kirshner, but fear not fans of the Aunt Jenna/Alaric ship. (Jenaric? Alenna? Have at it.)

Watch with Kristen reports that:

According to my sources, Kirshner will appear on the series beginning Jan. 21, but her scenes won't be in present-day. They will be in flashbacks because her character Isobel is already dead. And you'll never guess who killed her. No really, go ahead, try! Though my sources have asked me not to spoil the big twist outright, suffice it to say that Isobel died at the hands of a main (hot) character we already know. (Did I mention hot?)

Who killed Isobel? I think we can all see where this is going... cough, Damon. (Although - no road has the twists and turns that TVD does, so be prepared for someone unexpected.) And what do you think of Mia Kirshner? Looks like she won't have a huge role on the show either way - she's just the motivation for Alaric to go all revenge-crazy in his sexy vampire slayer way. But - unfortunately or fortunately - Alaric's level of craziness can never reach Damon's. This is a losing battle, my friend.

[caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="244" caption="What? Isobel? You're not Aunt Jenna. "]What? Isobel? You're not Aunt Jenna. [/caption]