After Tomorrow Night’s “The Reckoning”, Stefan Will Be 100% Baddie

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October 12, 2011

TV Line has some spoilery dish to share about this Thursday’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Reckoning”. Stefan going darker than ever and a sneak peek into next week’s episode with Executive Producer Julie Plec.

Klaus compels Stefan to completely shut off his emotions, thus paving the way for him to become an official baddie. That’s one of, like, four big twists in the episode, so fasten your seat belts. Look for Matt’s issues with the supernatural world to come to a head in Episode 5, per exec producer Julie Plec. “It’s set the weekend before senior year begins and it’s senior prank night,” she previews. “And of course, things go horribly wrong. For Matt, specifically, it’s kind of bittersweet because there’s a sense of the life he’s lost over the two seasons of our show and it’s really hurting him. We get to explore that in a beautiful and tragic way.” Plec also confirms that “Matt’s gotta get laid this year. He just needs that. He needs love.”

  • Dave

    Bad Stefan oh yeah!

  • Sharla Mary Ann

    It better not be Caroline Matt `gets laid`by, I prefer her with Tyler now :(  Bad Stefan sounds awesome though!

  • Joeyv26

    The “thing’ in the trunk is Jeremy!  The “houseguest” that annoys Damon is Carolyne who again kicks his butt! I guess she is there to take the place of Stephen in watching over Elena especially with Damon there unchecked! Matt n a ghost?!  I win! Send me the money and my free season one n two dvds!

  • Delena

    I just can’t imagine Stefan being bad! I mean, I liked him in season 3 episode 1 till 4, but imagining him as a true evil bastard, that just CAN’T be happening! This is not cool :(
    Especially if Elena chooses Damon because she sees the evil Stefan. If there would be a Delena, I want it to be REAL, not him as the second choice! Although I do know that she already had feelings for Damon at the beginning (and more in season 3), but I still like season 3 ep 1-4 Stefan as a semi bad-good vampire (like Damon).

  • Delena

    It better not be Elena either :D lol! I just freaked out that ClevverTV said that there might be a Matt/Elena endgame… I hope it’s either Stefan or Damon (preferably Damon), NOT Matt! :((


    Maybe Matt sleeps with Katherine thinking it’s Elena and gets heart broken when it’s not her and Katherine laughs in his face!

  • guest

    I like your thought…